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Albenga airport offers a wide range of activities for aircrafts and helicopters, such as leisure flights, transport of persons and goods, and many air connections.

Albenga airport also accommodates business jets, private jets, helicopter transfers, private aircrafts flying in for business or holidays, and much more.

This website has been developed having in mind pilots and operators’ needs to operate into Albenga airport.

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The airport is located in area which have unique orographic and meteorological characteristics. So this website is dedicated to provide all information to help pilots and operators to plan safely and effectively their flying activities.

At Albenga airport are allowed commercial and private flight operations according to VFR and IFR. All IFR procedures require a specific qualification.

All information to achieve the required qualification can be found on these pages.

To help planning the website will also provide other information such as Airport Fees & Charges, and Fuel Prices

NOTE: Use of this website does not constitute knowledge of official documentation such as AIP ITALIA and NOTAM which are still the only official documents of reference for flight planning.

Once again we wish you a pleasant journey into Albenga airport.

Aeroporto di Villanova d’Albenga S.p.A.


Airport Operations Manager – Giuseppe SCARLATA

Aeroporto Internazionale di Villanova d’Albenga “C. Panero” – Sito ufficiale

International Airport of Villanova d’Albenga “C. Panero” – Official site

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