The Albenga airport is a VFR and IFR airport open to private and commercial operators. The peculiar orographic situation of the airport poses a high risk of Contol Flight into Terrain (CFIT) and creates conditions for windshear and downdraft.

For this reason the VFR / IFR procedures require a specific qualification to fulfill the requirements of the concept for mandatory familiarization.

Aiming to support the that achievement of the qualification through an on-line test on this website, this briefing will provide all relevant information on local orography and weather, and on specific IFR procedures to familiarize pilots with local environment.

NOTE: Use of this website constitute knowledge of official documentation such as AIP ITALIA and NOTAMS

NOTE: The familiarization briefing was developed keeping in mind the pilot planning for VFR/IFR procedures

Aeroporto Internazionale di Villanova d’Albenga “C. Panero” – Sito ufficiale

International Airport of Villanova d’Albenga “C. Panero” – Official site

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